God Does Not Cause Sin and Unbelief

“Sin and unbelief are from ourselves – let us forsake and repent of them. Faith and its fruit of obedience are from God alone – let us humble ourselves and ask Him to give us His saving gifts.” – Pastor Glem Melo


by Pastor Glem Melo

Election leads to faith and its fruit of thankful obedience to God’s word. But can we say that reprobation leads to sin and unbelief? No, we cannot!

God causes faith and produces the fruit of thankfulness and obedience in the hearts and lives of the elect. But He does not cause sin and unbelief in the hearts and lives of the reprobate.

But doesn’t the Bible teach that “God hardened pharaoh” (Romans 9:17-18)?

How did God harden pharaoh?

Sadly, many who call themselves Reformed or Calvinists are in reality Hyper-Calvinists. God’s word guides and keeps us pure.  And in the Canons of Dort, the proper balance on this delicate subject is faithfully maintained and preserved.

Tonight, at our theological training class, we will study what the Bible teaches on reprobation as confessed in articles 15 and 16 of the 1st Head of Doctrine of  the Canons of Dort.

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