The Ministry

???????????????????????????????I serve as the founding pastor of Kagay-an Reformed Church.

KRC is a community of people who believe in and live for Jesus Christ. We embrace and proclaim the Gospel as taught in the Bible and explained in the teachings of the Reformation:
Salvation is by grace alone,
through faith alone,
because of Jesus Christ alone,
based on the teachings of the Bible alone,
all for the glory of God alone.

To learn more about our church, please visit

2013-02-17 16.37.05-1KRC is the pioneering congregation of the Reformed Churches in the Philippines (Dortian Federation).  The beliefs, teachings and ministries of this dream federation are based on the Bible alone, centered on the Gospel of salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone, resulting in God-focused worship and life.

To learn more about our dream federation, please visit

I also serve as the founder and president of Open Eyes Mission. We train, send and support church planters to unreached people groups. To learn more about our mission, please visit


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