Pray for Christians in Egypt

“We pray for all Your children who suffer persecution for the sake of Your Name and the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Comfort them with Your Holy Spirit and deliver them from the hands of their enemies. Do not permit the memory of Your Name to be removed from the earth. Do not let the enemies of Your truth have occasion to dishonor and blaspheme Your Name. But if it is Your will that persecuted Christians by their death bear witness to the truth and glorify Your Name, comfort them in their sufferings. May they accept their trials as from Your fatherly hand and remain faithful in life and death to the honor of Your Name, to the edification of the church…” – A Prayer for All the Needs of Christendom

New Hope / Open Eyes Mission

Today, we received the following update from Middle East Reformed Fellowship:

Dear Christian Brothers and Sister,

Security concerns have kept MERF’s ministry center in Cairo, Egypt closed for three days.  So far, no staff or ministry partners have been physically hurt.  Christians are especially targeted by Islamists because they are unarmed and cannot fight back.  Yet, the international media has given little attention to the dangers facing Christian communities in Egypt.

About 38 people of Christian background lost their lives (including two police officers) and over 200 were injured by the Islamists attacks on police centers, homes, businesses and churches.  At least 64 churches were attacked, including 8 evangelical buildings.  This was mostly in Upper Egypt, where there are significant numbers of Christians. Some were completely burned down.  Over 400 hundred businesses and shops and many more Christian homes have been attacked, burglarized and/or burned. In the city of…

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