Pray for Mindanao

Heavy armed clashes continue in Zamboanga. Christians are caught in the crossfire. Please pray.

New Hope / Open Eyes Mission

zamboanga 1 - CopyBy Pastor Glem Melo

  • Despite of truce announcements, heavy armed clashes continue between government forces and the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) in Zamboanga City.
  • Rebels continue to hold at least 100 hostages.
  • At least 52 people have been killed and 56 wounded.
  • A total of 62,329 have been displaced.


Please pray.

1. Christians are caught in the crossfire. Open Doors reports:

The rebels attacked a community that was 550 yards away from a church that ministered to Sama and Tausug believers from a Muslim background. Seven communities had reportedly been besieged and about 800 people evacuated and sought refuge in the grandstands. But believers from a Muslim background belonging to the Sama tribe remained trapped in the towns of Rio Hondo, Arena Blanco, Mampang, and Talon-Talon. Reports from the ground indicated that the believers were held hostage by the MNLF, if not stranded. “They have gone without food for two days now,” said…

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