Welcome to our family, Rogan!

Rogan with our 3 wonderful kids: Yanan (14), Giona (10) and Rosh (5)
Rogan with our 3 wonderful kids: Yanan (14), Giona (10) and Rosh (5)

Help me welcome our new family member, Rogan!

10330350_10203880896411587_1431446911909332596_nFrom Yanan’s post on Facebook:

His name is Rogan (a combination of the names, ROsh Giona and yanAN)

I originally wanted to call him Jethro. However, my mum and sibs didn’t approve, saying that it was “a normal name”.

10305250_10203075984931850_9065717865486476118_nFrom Giona:

Hi FB! Long time since I left the social media, and here I am! WOOHOO! Today, my little brother, Mom and I went to the vet for our cute pup. Our dog was immunized and dewormed. I was scared that he would cry, I closed my eyes. Then I saw that, he didn’t cry! He is so brave!

I am so happy to see my kids so happy. Thank you, Lord!10291840_10203075985171856_1993237402647632115_n



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