Welcome to God’s World, Baby Andrew!

It’s a happy day for the Tacandong and Uriarte family, and our whole church in Cagayan de Oro City!

New Hope / Open Eyes Mission

Baby Andrew - CopyBy Pastor Glem Melo

We welcome a new covenant member at Kagay-an Reformed Church in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines! Blessings and congratulations to Open Eyes Mission trainee and KRC elder-in-training Ernnel Tacandong and his wife Divine for the birth of their 1st baby, Andrew Adamson. I am very, very happy for both of you… and for the whole congregation! I look forward to administering to the little one the sign and seal of God’s covenant of grace.
Andrew Adamson - Copy.

“Yes. Children of believers as well as adult believers belong to God’s covenant and congregation. Through Christ’s blood the redemption from sin and the Holy Spirit, who works faith, are promised to them no less than to adults.” – Heidelberg Catechism

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