Elder Ordination

???????????????????????????????We thank the Lord for the ordination of Bro. Ernnel Tacandong as an elder of Kagay-an Reformed Church.

When I first met him, Ernnel was studying in a local seminary program, and was being groomed to become a pastor. Desirous to learn more about God and His word, he started attending our weekly Bible Training classes in Cagayan de Oro in February of 2012. Eventually, he served as a contractual disaster response worker for Open Eyes Mission. By God’s grace, he and his wife Divine were received as member of Kagay-an Reformed Church last February. Last month, in conjunction with our 9-day Church Government Course, Rev. Jan DeGelder (Minister Emeritus at Flamborough Canadian Reformed Church) and I interviewed him for eldership. Last Sunday, it was my joy, honor and privilege to ordain him as an elder. He also serves as the chairman of our local church’s Administration Committee.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 10.24.30 PMFollowing are his ministry responsibilities:

  • Leads worship services and conducts sermon reading at KRC
  • Conducts weekly new membership classes at KRC
  • Conducts four (4) weekly evangelistic Bible studies
  • Conducts regular visitation of KRC members and new contacts

Please remember to pray for him and our church.

“O Lord God and heavenly Father, we thank You that it has pleased You, for the better edification of Your Church, to ordain in it, besides the ministers of the Word, elders and deacons, by whom Your Church may be preserved in peace and prosperity, and the needy assisted; and that You have at present granted us in this place, men, who are of good testimony, and we hope endowed with Your Spirit. We beseech You, grant them more and more with such gifts as are necessary, for them in their ministration; with the gifts of wisdom, courage, discretion, and benevolence, to the end that every one may, in his respective office, prove himself faithful as is becoming; the elders in taking diligent heed unto the doctrine and conduct, in keeping out the wolves from the sheepfold of Your beloved Son; and in admonishing and reproving disorderly persons. In like manner, the deacons in carefully receiving, and liberally and prudently distributing of the offerings for the poor, and in comforting them with Your holy Word. Give grace both to the elders and deacons, that they may persevere in their faithful labor, and never become weary by reason of any trouble, pain or persecution of the world. Grant also especially Your divine grace to this congregation, over whom they are placed, that they may willingly submit themselves to the good exhortations of the elders, counting them worthy of honor for their work’s sake; give also unto the rich, generous hearts towards the poor, and to the poor grateful hearts towards those who help and serve them; to the end that in every one fulfilling his duty, Your holy name may thereby be magnified, and the kingdom of Your Son Jesus Christ, enlarged, in whose name we conclude our prayers.” – Form for the Ordination of Elders and Deacons


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