Church Government 2 in Malolos

Seminar Session #3
Seminar Session #1
Seminar Session #1

Last week, I had the privilege of conducting a 9-hour ‘Church Government 2’ Seminar for the pastors and members of ‘God is Faithful’ Grace Community Church in Malolos, Bulacan. It dealt with how the early church was governed as recorded in the New Testament, and how to establish a Biblical form of polity in the church today. (The 16-hour ‘Church Government 1: The Basics’ Seminar was conducted there last October 2014.)

Worship Service

Moreover, it was a joy and honor for me to have preached God’s word in Matthew 4:1-11 during their worship service last Sunday, January 11.

Please remember to pray for this precious congregation of Christ.


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    Please pray for the continuing reformation of ‘God is Faithful’ Grace Community Church in Malolos, Bulacan, in faith, life, worship and church government.

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