Pray for Child Sex Slaves in the Middle East

2B214EDC00000578-3186229-image-m-20_1438811604610In Mosul (Iraq), ISIS executed 19 girls for refusing to have sex with fighters.

Meanwhile, a UN official has confirmed an ISIS price list for sex slaves, with children under nine years of age being sold at the highest price. Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 11.57.03 AM“The girls get peddled like barrels of petrol,” Zainab Bangura, the U.N.’s special representative of the secretary-general for sexual violence in conflict, told Bloomberg. “One girl can be sold and bought by five or six different men. Sometimes these fighters sell the girls back to their families for thousands of dollars of ransom.”

In October, Bangura reported, “They [ISIS] have a machinery… They have a manual on how you treat these women. They have a marriage bureau which organizes all of these ‘marriages’ and the sale of women… They have a price list.”

In November, a video of an ISIS “sex slave market” was released showing fighters talking about buying Yazidi girls who are priced according to ‘desirable’ physical features. Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 6.19.24 PM Just last month, several women escaped from ISIS captivity and told of the pain and sufferings that they and others endured. One of them (21 years of age) tried to kill herself when sold to an ISIS fighter. She said, ‘The man who had bought me took me to hospital.

“He raped me about five times a day… My sister was barely 14 when they raped her… I could hear her screaming but I couldn’t do anything as I was tied up. sex-slaves

“He told me he was going to rape me that same day, however ill I made myself. He took me home, tied up my hands and feet, and raped me.”

This is most heinous beyond words. Let us pray for the salvation and deliverance of child and women sex slaves who are being held and sold by ISIS. Let us ask the Lord to bless, strengthen and advance the ministry of the gospel in the Middle East.


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