First Church PCA, Lansing, IL

I am blessed, honored and pleased to belong to, serve as pastoral intern and have regular opportunities to preach and minister Christ’s word to our First Church PCA family in Lansing, Illinois.

2016-10-23-18-05-26Last October 23, during the evening service at our new home church, I was privileged to preach Jesus and his ministry to the people of Samaria in John 4. You can listen to the sermon here. Following is my outline.

“Casting In” the Outcasts

John 4:1-42

Christ majors (1) in seeking and saving outcasts and (2) in using saved outcasts to to seek and save other outcasts.

  1. The Witness of Christ to the Outcast

a. Christ was rejected and resisted by those who were “in” but received by outcasts. (1-2)

b. Christ left the resistant and focused on evangelizing outcasts. (3)

c. Christ was intentional in his mission to the Samaritans. (4)

d. Christ is the Son of Abraham who came to seek and save His bride, the church. (5-6; see Genesis 29, also 24)


e. Christ’s heart is for the outcasts. (John 4:7-9; see chapter 3)


f. Christ broke man-made barriers to evangelize outcasts. (9, 27)

g. Christ offers the Holy Spirit to outcasts. (10-11)

– The greatest gift is God Himself—Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

– The Father sent Christ to pay for our sins by His death and sacrifice on the cross.

– The Father and the Son sent the Holy Spirit to regenerate and convert us.

– Through the saving work of God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit—we are saved and reconciled to Him.

– We know Him, and that is eternal life!

– The knowledge of and relationship with Himself that God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit—gives us is eternally satisfying.

h. Christ was patient and persevering in evangelizing and teaching. (11-14, also 40-42)

i. Christ pointed out sin and dealt with it. (15-18)

j. Christ is omniscient. (16-18)

k. Christ was patient and persevering in overcoming resistance, correcting errors and  teaching the truth. (19-24, also 40-42)

l. Christ was full of knowledge and wisdom. (21-24)

m. Christ proclaimed Himself to be the Messiah. (25-26)

n. Christ was nourished, strengthened, energized and fulfilled by the work of evangelism and missions. (31-34)

o. Christ was staunchly focused, passionate and dedicated to the work of evangelism and missions. (33-34)

p. Christ taught, trained, mentored and sent out witnesses of Himself and for Himself. (35-38)

firstchurchpca2. The Witness for Christ by the Outcast

a. The Witness (27-29)

i. “Left her jar” (28)

ii. A simple witness. (29, 39, 42)

– She was a woman.

– She was immoral.

– She still needed a lot of doctrinal instruction and discipleship.

– She had faith but it was weak.

b. The Harvest (30, 39-42)

What was the secret of her success?

– The Lord was with her.

– Christ at work (39-42)


  1. Know.
  2. Work.

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