King of Exiles


Destruction of Jerusalem under the Babylonian rule. Illustration from the Nuremberg Chronicle.

We are all exiles because of sin.  Jesus is the only one who is good, faithful, and free from the curse of sin and exile.  And it is only by His grace and through the gift of faith that the Holy Spirit has given us that we are united to Christ and saved from sin and judgment. But even as Christians, we remain as exiles in this world. We are blessed, but at the same time we are needy because the sinful nature remains in us and we live in a fallen world. And so, we humble our sins and cling to Jesus, the King and Deliverer of exiles.

Listen to my whole sermon:

King of Exiles
Matthew 1:1-17

1. Jesus is King.

a. He is the new genesis, new creation, and new Adam.

b. He is the new Joshua.

c. He is our Spirit-empowered King and Deliverer.

d. He is God’s blessing for all nations.

IMG_78112. We Are Exiles.

a. All non-believers are under the curse of sin and exile.

b. Believers in Christ are free from sin and judgment, but remain as exiles in a fallen world.


1. Let us repent of sin, pride, and arrogance, and humble ourselves before God.

2. Let us receive Christ’s free gift of forgiveness and salvation by faith.

3. Let us ask Christ to change our hearts and lives by the power of the Holy Spirit.


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