Yanan is #MoodyBound

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 12.44.05 PM.png
From the admission letter
Start them early 🙂

Our family praises the Lord and rejoices that Yanan has been admitted at Moody Bible Institute. I am praying and advising him to take their Five-Year Bachelor of Arts/Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies program (https://www.moody.edu/moody-bible-institute-chicago/academic-programs/five-year-b-a-m-a-in-pastoral-ministry).

Since his early childhood, it has always been Yanan’s dream and aspiration to serve Christ as a church planter and pastor. After his undergraduate and graduate education, he hopes to be ordained as a missionary pastor and sent out to lead the planting and development of a church among Muslims in the United States or abroad.

Yanan and his small group of children survivors of killer-typhoon Washi (2012) in Mindanao, Philippines

While studying, Yanan will help us reach Hindu and Muslim teens in the Devon/Little India.

We thank the Lord that his tuition is free, but he needs to find a job in Chicago to pay for room and board.

Please continue praying for our family and ministry.


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