Better Non-Believers

Researchers at LIGO’s observatory in Livingston, Louisiana. Credit: Michael Fyffe/LIGO

Why are non-believers so much better, more excellent, and more advanced in arts, science, business, etc., compared to Christian believers? Of course, without faith in the God of the Bible, they err in many ways and end up being fools.  Yet it remains undeniable that, in arts, science, business, non-believers generally are just better than us, Christian believers. I thought that, perhaps, it is because all they have is general revelation, which makes them solely focused and concentrated on it, as compared to believers who are focused and major on special revelation. It is like how blind persons are so much better and benefited by their use of their functioning senses, i.e., hearing, smell, taste, and touch. Therefore, while continuing to prioritize and major on the study of the Bible and theology (special revelation), we, believers in Christ, must also study the fruit of general revelation, i.e., scientific research and studies.

Slain Philippine Special Action Force (SAF) officers honored in Iligan

This is connected to the fact that there are many (not all) non-believers and liberal Christians who are better persons than Christian believers.  I perceive that many of those “better” non-believers and liberal Christians are recipients and beneficiaries of much common grace from the living God, who is benevolent to all.  On the other hand, most Christian believers are mindful of and affected by the antithesis (Genesis 3:15).  Therefore, while continuing to be mindful of and affected by the antithesis, we, believers in Christ, must also study, be mindful of and be moved by the equally biblical and important doctrine of common grace.

Blown away at Adler Planetarium in Chicago, IL



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