Canons of Dort Class Advances

“The Arminians’ formulation of the doctrine of the cross is so much more shocking than any of their other erroneous doctrines.” – Pastor Glem Melo


In our Canons of Dort class tonight, we will begin our studies on the Second Head of Doctrine: Christ’s Death and Man’s Redemption Through it. Together, let us examine and scrutinize these statements Biblically and dogmatically:

“The immediate and proper effect or end of the death and passion of Christ is not an actual ablation of sin from men, not an actual remission of iniquities.” – Jacobus Arminius

“[Christ’s death is] no redemption of us from our sins, but a vindication of God from such a condition wherein He had not power to forgive them; not an obtaining of salvation for us, but of a liberty unto God of savings us on some condition or other.” – Nicolaas Grevinchovius

“By His satisfaction Christ did not really merit for anyone either salvation itself or faith by which this satisfaction of Christ to salvation is effectually made one’s own. He acquired for the…

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