The Atonement: For All or Only for the Elect?

“The key point here concerns assurance to believers: Did Christ in his death and resurrection really procure the salvation of his own, or was this only a potentiality, mere possibility? … The advocates of a universal scope for the atonement, ironically, diminish the value and power of Christ’s work. The center of gravity shifts from Christ to the Christian; salvation comes to depend on our faith.” – Herman Bavinck


by Pastor Glem Melo

Friday night, during our Canons of Dort class, we will continue our studies on the Second Head of Doctrine: Christ’s Death and Man’s Redemption Through it. We will focus on

  • Article 3: The Infinite Value of Christ’s Death
  • Article 4: Why His Death Has Infinite Value
  • Article 5: The Universal Proclamation of the Gospel

Together, let us examine and scrutinize the following statements biblically and dogmatically:

  • J. van Genderen and W.H. Velema, Concise Reformed Dogmatics

“Our first objection to the doctrine of universal atonement is that in this way the work of Christ implies a possibility for salvation to everyone, without guaranteeing its reality. Thus the accomplishment and application of salvation are separated from each other, which is not biblical…

“[T]he proponents of universal atonement are not unanimous… There are those who wish to continue to view faith as a gift of God. In this case……

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