‘God Alone’ Audio

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 4.38.13 PM The audio of my message/sermon on Genesis 1:1 is now online. Click the Play Button:

You may also access the audio file here.

Genesis 1:1
Preached at Reformed Presbyterian Church of Bowie (PCA)

God, our Creator out of nothing, guarantees the total triumph and completion of His work of new creation in Christ by His Spirit and word.

A. God Alone: Our sole Creator is our sole New-Creator.

B. By God’s Spirit: The Life-Giver of creation is our Life-Giver in the new creation.

C. Through God’s Word: The means of creation is our means of grace in the new creation.


– Confess before God that you are a hopeless sinner without Him.

– Acknowledge God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) as your sole Creator and sole Savior.

– Be thankful for God’s free gift of atonement and new birth in Christ by the Spirit’s power.

– Be assured that in Christ your salvation is total, complete and irreversible by faith.

– Overcome life’s formlessness, emptiness and darkness. Be busy with God’s word.


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    The audio of my message/sermon on Genesis 1:1 is now available online. I encourage you to listen to it and share the link to your family and friends.

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