Out of Impotence

Genesis 1:2a

1. The Omnipotent’s heart and focus

a. His love for the earth: God created the earth.

b. His love for man: God created the earth for us.

c. His love for His Son: God created the earth and man for Christ.

Screenshot 2016-02-29 07.02.06Application

– Thank, praise and worship God. He created the universe for you.

– Glorify Christ with your life. God created you for His Son.

2. The impotence of what the Omnipotent’s heart and focus is on

a. The earth was a desolation, and emptiness, and darkness was deep and pervasive.

b. Desolation, emptiness and darkness are symbols of God’s judgment for sin.

c. In His sufferings, death, and burial, Christ came under God’s curse of desolation, emptiness, and deep, pervasive darkness.

Screenshot 2016-02-29 07.35.23Application

– Confess your spiritual impotence before the Lord, and repent.

– Thank, praise, and worship Christ, the omnipotent God the Son, who came under the curse of desolation, emptiness, and deep, pervasive darkness to save and re-create us.

3. The Omnipotent’s lighting, forming, and filling work for the impotent

a. Both creation and new creation are out of desolation, emptiness, and deep, pervasive darkness.

b. The successful accomplishment of God’s work of creation guarantees the successful accomplishment and consummation of His work of new creation in Christ.


– Be comforted and strengthened in Christ crucified and raised from the dead. Your salvation and re-creation is secure because of His omnipotent grace for us, impotents.


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