A Ministry of Mercy: Sharing Christ to Muslims

2016-03-27 11.37.42-1Last Easter Sunday, March 27, I had the joy and privilege of teaching ‘A Ministry of Mercy: Sharing Christ to Muslims’ to the joint adult and youth Bible class of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Bowie (PCA) in Maryland.

“PCA churches take seriously the Lord’s command to be His witnesses ‘in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.’   The demographics of our ‘Jerusalem and Judea’ are changing dramatically, now that 1 out of every 7 US residents is foreign-born.  Among children in our schools – our nation’s future – children of immigrants account for an even higher percentage – 1 in 3 of all in attendance at many schools.

“What might the Lord be calling us to do in this new environment?

“Many PCA churches see unprecedented opportunities in these changes – vital opportunities for mercy ministry and for mission.  They sense that God is bringing the world to our doorsteps in order that we may demonstrate His love and share the Gospel with people from around the world (many from unreached people groups) who now reside in our own neighborhoods or a short distance away.”

– PCA Mission to North America

Please pray that the Lord would raise up His church to reach Muslims who are living, working, or studying in the United States.


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