Summer Outreaches

We thank the Lord for using our team during the summer.

  1. We made more than 20 new friends through tri-weekly outreaches in parks.
  2. The MBB family that we have been discipling is regularly meeting and sharing the gospel to 4 M families and 11 M individuals.

Please pray as we continue spending time and meeting with our new friends.  May the Holy Spirit cause them to be more and more open to hearing and learning the gospel of Christ.

 2018-08-25 Yousefi FamPlease pray for our ministry to an M people group.

May the Lord continue to (1) give us more friends among them, (2) provide more opportunities for us to share His love and gospel to them, and (3) use the ministry of His word to give them the saving knowledge of Christ.

Please pray for our plan to start a Bible study for high school students.


May the Lord use the new campus ministry team that we are forming to reach many students with the love and the gospel of Christ.

Please pray for our house church planting mission.

May the Lord give us two more families in the group so we can begin to plant our second house church.

House ChurchPlease support our church planting mission. To give, go to Your gift will help us reach more M families and individuals with the gospel of salvation in Christ.


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