God’s Story

“God’s story… begins with creation and it ends with a new creation.” – Michael Lawrence

New Hope / Open Eyes Mission

????????????????????????? A planetary nebula designated NGC 2818, photographed by the Hubble Telescope.

empty-tomb Empty Tomb

Here’s some good, nourishing spiritual food for everyone. Read a simple but excellent summary of the Bible’s storyline in our God’s Story page here. In the article, pastor and author Michael Lawrence traces “God’s irresistible work in creation and new creation” (Jonathan Leeman). It is deeply enriching and tremendously edifying.

“What the Bible does, really, is not just give us God’s viewpoint; it allows us to walk with God through the course of human history. That way we can come to believe and trust the words, the viewpoint, and the heart of the One who is leading history.” – Michael Lawrence, Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church: A Guide for Ministry (9Marks), Kindle location 2156


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